About FIMA

FIMA is the meeting place for the very best of the financial reference data management community. Celebrating its 11th anniversary in 2013, the conference has a solid track record of bringing together over 200 senior data professionals from the major financial institutions in the UK and Western Europe, representing a spending power of over £3bn.

Our delegates come from three key areas within reference data management: (i) Business/Strategy, (ii) vendor management, (iii) data architecture and IT infrastructure.

The conference programme is truly created by the industry for the industry – every year we conduct thorough research with some of the most senior professionals in the industry, who help us selecting the speakers and the topics. As a result, the conference boasts a speaker line-up of 70 speakers who address the hottest topics and most pressing challenges in the industry, including:

  • Data standardisation
  • Data transparency
  • Quality of data in risk management and transaction support
  • Regulation

Data management has made its way to the top of the priority list of every board of directors. Chief Risk Officers together with their Chief Investment and Chief Operating Officers are continuing to ask formore accurate and more manageable datafrom their reference data departments. Regulators are pushing the world of finance to clean up its data act, implement standard entities and achieve 100% transparency. Customers are also becoming very data sensitive and wish to have the latest, up-to-the-minute data on all their investments, transactions and counterparties. In the meantime client on boarding process and data privacy rules are changing the way banks have, for decades, been doing their business. Juggling all these business needs and the new regulatory requirements is making the world of data management radically review, change and improve their financial data management strategy.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, there is also a break-neck IT race, which all parties have to engage in. Making decisions and investing in the right technologies is especially hard given the current lack of standardisation and harmonisation of legal entity identifiers (LEI) and regulatory solutions. Outsourcing, offshoring and nearshoring brings a long list of challenges to every financial institution. Like everyone in the world of finance, the head of data management are asked to do more with less, and that means making effective and long term decisions on IT investments.

To answer, debate and discuss all of the above challenges and issues FIMA has assembled an Industry Advisory Board of senior data managers. These executives not only face the above mentioned challenges, but are leading the industry to find the best and most cost effective answers to their problems.

Heads of data management feel that FIMA is needed by the industry to debate the secure data management challenges, share the solutions, share their different experiences and find new ideas. The industry is expanding, attracting a much needed new wave of financial data management experts. One of FIMA’s key goals is to bring this new blood to the event and benefit from their views, opinions and vision.

FIMA is growing. Market conditions are dictating the expansion of FIMA. Without quality data our hands are tied. The regulators are making everyone move even faster, with strict transparency, trade reporting and client on-boarding requirements. No one can afford to wait. Everyone is racing to achieve maximum efficiency and transparency in data. Good data means bigger profits, more transparency and a lot less risk.

This year the conference will offer a number of top level strategic presentations in the mornings, followed by 3 streams of conference sessions designed specifically for the professionals with the following job titles:

  • Business strategic side of client reference data management
  • Regulatory challenges
  • Vendor management and data quality challenges
  • Data architecture and IT infrastructure supporting effective secure data management