FIMA 2017

November 08-November 09, 2017

QEII Centre, London

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ICX4 offer a range of services to the financial community that help resolve local and enterprise wide data issues from accuracy, quality, governance, lineage, reporting, adoption and control. When dealing with an entity, an organisation needs to be 100% sure that it understands who they are, who they connect to, and have accurate supporting data for the most robust investigation. With diverse legacy systems full of individual records, how can you confirm entities are the same? Even if they appear the same, they differ in a myriad of details.

ICX4’s solutions create one entity – a single, source-agnostic profile that takes each entity from every client source system and creates a match with its counterpart in the external world.

ICX4 can now monitor, update and maintain legacy information automatically, enabling the organisation to drive accurate, consistent data to the central repository or core source systems

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