FIMA 2018

November 27-November 28, 2018

QEII Centre, London

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Your single source for worldwide reference data and financial information SWIFTRef is SWIFT’s unique reference data and financial information utility. Sourced from authorised data originators, SWIFTRef includes the most up-to-date and accurate reference data covering BIC, LEI, IBAN validation, national bank codes, standing settlement instructions, credit ratings, SEPA routing and financial information. With SWIFTRef, financial institutions, corporates, data and service providers can now rely on a single source of data for flawless payments processing and counterparty risk analysis, while supporting evolving regulatory reporting requirements. With Bankers World Online now linked to SWIFT’s KYC Registry, you are also able to explore due diligence information in more detail. Having access to extensive and accurate reference data is paramount. SWIFTRef provides all the payments reference data you need, in one place.

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