FIMA 2018

November 27-November 28, 2018

QEII Centre, London

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InterSystems is the information engine behind the world's most important applications in healthcare, business and government. Everything we build is designed to drive better decisions, actions, and outcomes for the people who stake their lives and livelihoods on our technology. We believe software should be interoperable, reliable, intuitive, and scalable. This IRIS principle guides all our software development. InterSystems’ advanced data platform is the engine inside critical applications at successful financial services companies worldwide:

•An application that executed more than $10 trillion worth of equity trades in 2014
•An application that has transformed compliance, enabling instant approval of changes to complex global portfolios
•A platform that has executed more than a billion transactions per day for an international financial services firm, while running on half the hardware of the previous solution
•An application that solved the data silo problem for one of the world’s largest online brokers, enabling it to acquire 15 other firms and unify back-office operations across multiple disparate account management systems

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